People + property : the House Life Project

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The House Life Project (HLP) is a community of artists and residents who use vacant houses to create art inspired by the neighborhood.

This 52-page publication includes written and visual works created by HLP affiliated writers and artists who explored issues of housing, neighborhood change, racial and ethnic discrimination, and community engagement.

This collaborative process was guided by six key themes—history, space, wellness, equity, movement, and change—and resulted in this cultural document, which reflects the personal knowledge, collective experience, and ongoing research of the HLP community.



Dear readers -- What have we learned from The House Life Project? -- History -- Eureka Street / Jordan Ryan -- Cars and crickets / Sara Balwin -- A history of building structures / Chris Hill -- Porch parties -- Space -- Along a flyway / Manon Voice -- Flexible fence / John Clark -- A list of things to do in a vacant house -- Wellness -- The streets where we all live / Twinkle VanWinkle -- Spoonful meal / Brittany Pendleton and Bailey Shannon -- HLP recommended readings -- Equity -- Black spaces in white America / Danica Mónet -- Told/retold / Andrea Jandernoa -- What does it mean to be a good neighbor? -- Movement to humanity / Tatjana Rebelle -- Parade 2017 (HLP adaptation) / Rebecca Pappas -- How to make a mobile garden / Bailey Shannon -- Change -- A Poem for change / Sharla Steiman -- Sounds we return are new again / Jordan Munson -- A list of things to do with this newspaper.