Ep #02: Leadership, Resilience, and Authenticity with Angie Torain

Ep #02: Leadership, Resilience, and Authenticity with Angie Torain


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Today we are joined by Angie Torain, Director of Athletics and Recreation at the University of Chicago. Angie offers a glimpse of her journey in college athletics, from serendipitous beginnings to fostering a culture of inclusion. She also opens up about the lessons she learned through her extensive experience.

Listen in as Angie shares candid reflections on resilience, embracing mistakes, and asking the right questions before committing to a job. You’ll learn about the importance of authenticity and alignment in career choices, as well as the transformative power of leadership rooted in trust and vulnerability.

What You'll Learn

  • How Angie “fell” into college athletics.
  • Her leadership style.
  • Why it should be okay to make mistakes.
  • The value in having open and honest conversations with your staff.
  • Why you must ask the right questions before taking a new job.
  • How Angie has managed being in this industry and raising a family.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “It’s okay to make mistakes. When people are afraid to make mistakes, then we become spiteful and we don’t challenge ourselves or do anything different.” - Angie Torain
  • “Every move we’ve made has to be a team decision with my family. They’re my squad and all have a say in what Mom is doing.” - Angie Torain
  • “Finding a place where you feel like you can be yourself is super important.” - Stevie Baker-Watson

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Ep #02: Leadership, Resilience, and Authenticity with Angie Torain