"Elmore Leonard and the Romantic Comedy, or 'Get Some Love into It'” in Critical Essays on Elmore Leonard: If it Sounds Like Writing

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This chapter shows that the romantic comedy surfaces in many of Elmore Leonard's works, along with other genres, and that his novel's participation in these genres comes to demand a great deal of the author's energy and interest. When Leonard critics focus on the relation between his novels and film, they often begin with his most explicitly cinematic and self-reflective novel, Get Shorty. At the very least, this novel features the working out of three plots: one is the movie idea that main character Chili Palmer first pitches to producer Harry Zimm. There is also the plot of Harry's pet project, Lovejoy, and then, of course, there is Leonard's main plot in Get Shorty, which has to do with Chili's attempts to get his movie idea, Get Leo, produced. What all three plots “need,” in the words of Bo Catlett, Chili's competition, “are a strong woman part, get some love into it”.