African American Philosophy with John McClendon III and Stephen Ferguson II


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John McClendon III and Stephen Ferguson II are like philosophical archaeologists, uncovering and analyzing the lost scholarship of Black thinkers from the last two centuries. Their book, African American Philosophers and Philosophy, is a fascinating exploration of the work of Black scholars who’ve historically been left out of mainstream philosophy. In my interview with them, we spoke about the value of recovering this scholarship from the archives, and also focused on important contributions to the field of ethics from African-American philosophers.

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Links to people and ideas mentioned in the show

  1. Stephen Ferguson II
  2. John McClendon III
  3. Charles Mills
  4. Francis Williams
  5. David Hume
  6. Charles Leander Hill
  7. Thomas Nelson Baker
  8. Angela Davis
  9. J.C. Price
  10. John Milton Smith
  11. Kwame Nkrumah


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