Thinking While Walking with Martin Bunzl


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The philosopher Martin Bunzl and he loves living near the Pacific Crest Trail because it allow him to explore nature. The famous foot path also inspired him to embark on a new project of thinking while walking. For him, this spectacular setting proved to be fertile ground for reflecting on philosophical puzzles and questions about nature and ethics.

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Links to people and ideas mentioned in the show

  1. Martin Bunzl, Thinking While Walking: Reflections on the Pacific Crest Trail
  2. Lyndon B. Johnson, Remarks Upon Signing Four Bills Relating to Conservation and Outdoor Recreation
  3. Pacific Crest Trail
  4. Immanuel Kant and deontology
  5. John Stuart Mill and utilitarianism
  6. Positive and negative duties
  7. Jonathan Haidt and the psychology behind morality


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