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When the philosopher Allison Wolf heard a news story in 2014 about Central American children migrating to the United States, she was angry. She wasn’t upset about the minors coming in the first place, she was furious about the heartlessness of her fellow Americans reacting to the crisis. It wasn’t until she started writing about immigration that she discovered what was at the heart of the issue. By examining the stories at the center of dehumanizing policies, she realized that feminism, and its focus on oppression, could shed light on the problem of justice and immigration.

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Links to people and ideas mentioned in the show

  1. Just Immigration in the Americas: A Feminist Account by Allison Wolf
  2. 2014 Central American migrant crisis
  3. Some of the philosophical and ethics issues related to immigration
  4. Marilyn Frye, “The Systemic Birdcage of Sexism
  5. Remain in Mexico” policy
  6. Ann Cahill and derivatization
  7. José Jorge Mendoza
  8. Grant Silva
  9. Carlos Alberto Sánchez


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