Considerations for Opening the Economy


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As government officials discuss their plans for re-opening the economy, business owners and office managers alike have many questions. How should one go about running their business if they also want to slow the spread of COVID-19? Even if local officials suggest that re-opening one's business is okay, are there other considerations to think about? We've got a special guest co-host on this show, Dr. Jessica Mejía. She's the Visiting Schaenen Scholar here at the Prindle Institute for Ethics. She joins Getting Ethics to Work’s resident ethicist Andy Cullison for this week's discussion. On this episode and every episode, we dig into complicated stories from the workplace and discuss the underlying moral problems these cases bring up. If you have a workplace dilemma you need some help with, send your story to our producer Kate at katherineberry@depauw.edu. For this episode’s transcript, click here.


Jessica Mejía (Nancy Schaenen Scholar and Assistant Director of Academic Services) has a specialization in applied ethics, with a focus on animal ethics. In addition to her research and coursework, Professor Mejía is heavily involved in the decision-making process for the Young Philosophers series, and applications for Prindle reading courses. Contact her at jessicamejia@depauw.edu “We Need a New Social Contract for the Coronavirus


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