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The DePauw Libraries is committed to providing open access education and publishing support to our students, faculty, and staff to promote our campus scholarly and creative output.

Our institutional repository service is growing in content and page hits, displaying the widening global outreach of DePauw authors. The repository integrates with ORCID, a free service for you to register for your own unique, persistent identifier, known as an ORCID iD. An ORCID iD can:

  • Sign in to various systems (journal article submission, grant application, research information systems, etc.)
  • Transfer your information to employers, funders, and publishers via ORCID
  • Use the “printable version” to easily and quickly create a CV or resume
  • Allow trusted individuals to add relevant information to your ORCID record for you, so you can save time!

Contact Victoria Peters for more information. As you move through research-related workflows, keep an eye out for the ORCID iD logo and use your ORCID iD whenever possible.



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