Don Quijote in the Oxcart: Shame and Shadows of the Inquisition

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Book Description: Don Quijote follows the knight-errant on his adventures throughout late Renaissance Spain. Don Quijote, a disenchanted nobleman addicted to reading books of chivalry, decides to live a life in the mold of medieval romance. He is accompanied by Sancho Panza, a local peasant who acts as his squire. The two discourse frequently on knighthood, chivalry, ethics, the non-existent Dulcinea, and the role of nobility in early modern Europe. Cervantes's narrative explores these themes while also guiding readers through gestures of wit, comedy, and metafiction. This edition includes the complete text, as well as four ancillary writings by Cervantes that explore his thoughts on writing his career. "Backgrounds and Contexts" provides readers with contemporary sources and influences, including selections from works parodied by the author. "Criticism" provides both general and chapter-focused essays on Don Quijote, including commentaries on Cervantes's characters, storytelling, and language. A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included