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Music of the 21st Century

Jennifer Higdon, guest composer

Vocal Chamber Music Concert


Wednesday, February 13, 2018, 7:30 p.m. Music on the Square Greencastle, Indiana


introductory remarks by Prof. Eliza Brown and the composer

Voice of the Bard (2005)

  • DeBoys: Eric Boylan, Ben Ferriby, David Mather, Peter Nicieja, Will Upham, David Young

"The Rose," from Bentley Roses (2002)

Suzette Hartsfield Riley Bernardi, flute; Amanda Hopson, piano

Threaded (2003)

Breaking (1999)

  • Kenna McWilliams; Laura Brumbaugh, piano

Civil Words (2014)

Enlisted Today

Lincoln’s Final

The Death of Lincoln

Driving Home

  • Peter Nicieja, Seung Jun Lee, Craig Wallace; Amanda Hopson, piano

To Home (1998)

  • Nicole Axelrod; Laura Brumbaugh, piano


Hop and Toe Dance (2001)

  • Emma Nelson; Tony Weinstein, piano

Falling (2003)

  • Melanie Roma; Tony Weinstein, piano

Morning opens (1997)

  • Serenna Jones; Amanda Hopson, piano

Notes on Love (1992)


speak of night

Could It Be?

Nightingale in our quiet…

The Path

Day is done

Postlude – Notes on Love Vocalise

  • Sarah Henessey, Inès Hayouna, Elise Daniells, Anna Roth, Saige Trottman-Huiet Jamie Edwards and Riley Bernardi, flute; Tony Weinstein and Laura Brumbaugh, piano