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21st Century Chamber Music Concert All Music Composed by Susan Botti

Thursday, February 13, 2020, 7:30 p.m. Judson and Joyce Green Center for the Performing Arts, Thompson Recital Hall Greencastle, Indiana

Introduction by Eliza Brown

Trois Poemes de Jaccottet(1997)
I. Je ne veux plus me poser
II. La ou la terre s’acheve
III. La Veillee Funebre

  • Nicole Axelrod and Lauren Alexander, sopranos
  • Laura Brumbaugh, piano

Italian Folk Songs (2017)
I. Guarda che bel seren
II. El me murus el sta de la del Sere

  • Melanie Roma and Sangeeta Reddy, sopranos
  • Cheridan Ross and Michael Mifflin, violins
  • Lily Rutledge, viola
  • Karin Roberts, cello

Bird Songs (2018)
I. Silence will carry your voice like the nest that holds the sleeping birds
II. Listen, my heart, to the whispers of the world with which it makes love to you
III. Roots are the branches down in the earth. Braces are roots in the air.
IV. Light in my heart the evening star of rest and then let the night whisper to me of love.

  • Sophie Berman, Abigail Brodnick, and Halea Chubb, sopranos
  • Abigail Foehrkolb, percussion

“listen, it’s snowing…” (1990)

  • Susan Botti, soprano
  • Tony Weinstein, piano

Cristalli (2012)
I. Water and Light
II. Core
III. Magic
IV. Sublime

  • May Phang, piano
  • With video Crystal Clues to the Sublime by Alice F. Weston

Video credits: Alice Weston (environmental artist), Susan Botti (composer), Phillip Bush (premiere pianist), and Chris Gliebe (animation director), Crystal Clues to the Sublime (2013), digital video (run time 17:22), Cincinnati Art Museum, gift of the artist.