Prindle Post Education Edition: Climate Change Spring 2021

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The Prindle Post is the Prindle Institute for Ethics’s online source for pieces that examine and explain the ethical dimensions of current events and culture. The Prindle Institute regularly produces print editions containing some of our favorite Prindle Post articles on a given topic. Our latest edition covers topics related to climate change. Each Prindle Post workbook includes comprehension and focus questions for each article, as well as vocabulary and activity support.


Mission Statement - Andrew Cullison

How To Use This Book - Eleanor Price

How To Talk About Ethics in the Classroom - Tucker Sechrest

How To Create and Use a Stakeholder Map - Kara Jedele

A Note on Objectives and Standards for Teachers - Kara Jedele

Main Body

1. Ethical Concepts in the Age of Anthropocene - Desmonda Lawrence

2. Fixing What We’ve Broken: Geoengineering in Response to Climate Change

Rachel Robison-Greene

3. Collective Action and Climate Change: Consumption, Defection, and Motivation - Meredith McFadden

4. Discussing Scientific Consensus on Climate Change - Matthew Silk

5. Procreative Autonomy and Climate Change - Smriti Karki