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Fall 2023

Course Description

The main objective of this class is to help you develop a compositional practice. That will involve, among other things, becoming familiar with different notational strategies, learning how to use instrumental and logistical constraints to your benefit, listening and learning from all sorts of music, learning how to plan and sketch compositions, learning how to collaborate fruitfully, learning how to use technology in the creation and dissemination of your music, and learning to how to develop compositionally in an additive way from piece to piece. A secondary objective of this class is to make sure that compositional practice can spread beyond the physical and temporal boundaries of this class. In fact, my hope is that the more general act of living life through creativity can spread beyond the boundaries of your compositional or even musical practice. The current moment is rife with alienating forces. Building a compositional practice which is continuous and interconnected to the rest of your life can be an antidote to that alienation.