Document Type


Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

Methods and materials appropriate for teaching vocal music at the middle and high school levels. General survey of middle and high school curricula and study of philosophical bases of curricula design. Includes an analysis of texts, literature and representative materials outlining related responsibilities of the vocal music teacher. Provides detailed considerations of organization, development, maintenance and evaluation of comprehensive choral programs in secondary schools.

Student Outcomes

Through a variety of in-class and outside assignments, the student will: • become familiar with and identify the physical, emotional and vocal characteristics of middle and high school students. • become familiar with and explain appropriate materials for teaching musicianship within choral rehearsal • establish criteria for the selection of appropriate repertoire, texts, materials and vocalizes for use in middle and high school vocal classrooms • develop a working knowledge of the National Standards for Arts Education • develop the ability to plan for comprehensive vocal music instruction • develop part-reading, rehearsal and piano skills • develop goals for the choral program • develop knowledge of and identify effective administrative techniques for grading, auditioning, recruiting, seating chorus members • become familiar with methods of organizing, developing and maintaining a comprehensive vocal music program in secondary schools • exhibit knowledge of and familiarity with current professional issues and understand the teacher’s educational/professional responsibilities to students, the choral program, the school, the community and the profession.