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Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

To expand the percussion students’ musicianship skills and background via the percussion ensemble setting. Contemporary and classic percussion ensemble literature will be prepared through applied study in this course. Students are required to attend all rehearsals, fully prepared, and display meaningful musicianship and excellence within the group performance setting. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. The participations in percussion ensemble must sign up for the course.

Student Outcomes

1. To learn to be an effective chamber musician, especially in an un-conducted ensemble, by assuming personal responsibility for mastering your part and integrating it into the whole, improving your listening skills, and refining your musicianship. 2. To become familiar with the important body of repertoire composed for percussion ensemble from the early twentieth century to the present time, and develop a knowledge and understanding of a wide range of musical styles for percussion. 3. To become familiar with techniques on a wide range of percussion instruments, particularly those not often found in orchestral/band works. 4. To become familiar with contemporary playing techniques, set-up, notational systems, and compositional styles. 5. To develop skills in musical improvisation in many styles and instrumental combinations. 6. To become an organized and responsible percussionist.