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Fall 2023

Course Description

OVERALL LEARNING GOALS for BRASS CHAMBER MUSIC The intention of this course is to orient the undergraduate DePauw University music student (BM, BME, BMA, CLA) to the art of chamber music playing through the Brass repertoire. OVERALL LEARNING OBJECTIVES for BRASS CHAMBER MUSIC The course of study, which provides action-oriented and measurable objectives, will include the following: interactive rehearsals of appropriate level repertoire based on personnel, listening to performed examples on the internet and at least one performance in the semester. Through the semester, the students might also assemble other performance opportunities, stimulating other rehearsal objectives for their ensemble.

Student Outcomes

Brass Chamber Music will accomplish several outcomes-- one, helping the student turn critical rehearsal skills into operational skills about composer’s process, including those of thematic material construction, formal architecture, harmonic language discovery, as well as, the recognition of potential emotional content and/or extra-musical influences. A second outcome is to put the student in a performance mindset. Students then become more accomplished at putting themselves in the performance mindset in rehearsal, enhancing the experience for the group. Finally, an additional outcome of this course is also achieved when the experiential knowledge of Professor Smith and the other experiences in viewing and hearing other kinds of chamber music give life to the music. The students will feel a proper sense of accomplishment when they know they can enter into that world with an acquired narrative skill that is based on a more thorough knowledge of composers’ techniques and content. Being able to talk about rehearsal objectives and musical interactions will promote more narrative interactions.