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Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

Music for the Stage is a performance-experience class which emphasizes training in stage movement, and acting for singers. Students will be equipped with the skills they need when pursuing a career in the performing arts. They will learn how to act and move onstage in ways that feel authentic to them. There will be analyses of characters and scenes, and we will work on bringing them to life in organic ways.

Student Outcomes

Course Goals and Objectives: 1. Students will learn how to move onstage with comfort and ease. 2. Students will learn how to analyze characters and scenes, which will inform their acting and singing choices. Student Learning Outcomes: 1. To learn and sing from memory the works that have been assigned, and to perform with authenticity. 2. To perform with artistry, and to craft characters that are multi-dimensional. 3. To learn how to navigate and assimilate musical and stage direction.