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Fall 2023

Course Description

Students enrolled in MUS 272A will be given the opportunity to study, respect, and perform the vast majority of jazz styles and literature. Students will explore a variety of jazz styles and compositions, possibly including swing, Latin, and several others. Students will have guided practice in improvisation, jazz theory, tone production, intonation, dynamics, balance, phrasing, musical, and historical interpretation and performance practices. Students will understand the context of jazz in the broader Black American diaspora and be able to operate in genres directly adjacent to jazz.

Student Outcomes

Learning Goals: Learn about jazz and Black American Music repertoire and literature, performance practice in jazz and related music in a large ensemble format. Listen deeply to our repertoire and understand the music we study both theoretically and emotionally. Learning Objectives: perform a variety of music idiomatic to the jazz ensemble discuss elements of jazz performance and history, and incorporate modern styles and trends into performances. Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate understanding through high level stylistically appropriate performances in rehearsal and concert. Understand the layers at which modern day jazz musicians must listen and interact with their groups.