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Fall 2023

Course Description

Class Overview Welcome to Vox Animae, DePauw’s auditioned SSAA choir. You all passed an audition which means your vocal and musical skill is at a level that allows this group to study and perform advanced choral repertoire from a wide spectrum of eras, styles and genres. I am looking forward to making music with you! Learning Goals In general, DePauw music students... • Develop artistic excellence, creativity, and critical thinking skills as the foundation for all they do. • Engage audiences, with special attention to access, inclusivity and awareness. • Act as socially minded entrepreneurial musicians by inventing, developing and managing projects for community impact. • Recognize and champion diversity of all kinds and work ceaselessly to improve inclusivity in all that they do. • Leverage technology in the creation and dissemination of music. The intention of this class in particular is... • To train the serious young musician in the art of choral singing; • To promote self-expression and creativity through emotional and intellectual outlets; • To expose the students to a broad spectrum of choral repertoire; • To create expertly crafted performances; • To foster skills in musicianship and music theory; • To create community through music; • To act as a public relations organization for DePauw University; • Bring beauty to the lives of many.

Student Outcomes

By taking this class, students will be able to... • Sing with a heightened sense of musicality and musical phrase; • Train their ear to a gain an advanced sense of pitch; • Analyze the expressive connection between text and music; • Understand how choral compositions are a reflection of the historic and cultural context they were written in; • Understand how to use the vocal instrument to create a healthy, balanced, and blended choral sound;