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Fall 2023

Course Description

The intention of the class of the Large Instrumental Ensemble (MUS272A) through the lens of the DePauw University Orchestra is to learn and perform repertoire of orchestral genre. OVERALL LEARNING OBJECTIVES for DEPAUW UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA The course of study, which provides action-oriented and measurable objectives for the DePauw University Orchestra, will be to work within set time rehearsal periods per performance that when structured through 1.) daily rehearsal teaching process, 2.) personal practice on the part of the student, and 3.) periodic testing, would provide the students learning from a balance of repertoire across a four-year time period. Other measurable projects may be instituted during the pandemic grading sequence. Music and projects will reflect important historical chronology, diverse composers, regional influences, and genre classifications. Each year, however, a perfect balance may not be completely achievable due to constraints of personnel, instrumentation, number of concerts, or selections of repertoire. A four-year “balance” of repertoire is more possible.

Student Outcomes

The class outcomes of the DePauw University Orchestra would be the successful completion of personal projects as assigned and then each public performance task, through individual student accomplishment and then for the ensemble as a whole to consider their (technical and intuitive) accomplishments. While the leadership to achieve that accomplishment comes from the conductor, the energy, will and preparation are the responsibilities of the student. As a most specific outcome, a student’s attainment of proper project execution or technical and musical improvement will be accomplished by participating in any rehearsal concepts and the group environment along with personal practice, reflection, study, and writing when required. In the case of the need for Virtual classes, adjustments will be made to acceptable grading criteria.