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Fall 2023

Student Outcomes

• Students will be able to engage, in both an intellectual and emotional way, with making music in a large ensemble setting (is there passion in your performance?) • Students will be able to demonstrate improvement in their musicianship by developing the highest attainable performance standard (how are you personally challenging yourself to improve and grow?) • Students will be able to observe the variety of rehearsal techniques necessary to bring an intelligent, thoughtful, and mature interpretation of a piece of music to fruition (how are you bringing your own ideas to the performance of the music?) • Students will be able to develop an understanding, between the conductor and each musician, of how the individual musician contributes to the whole sound of a musical ensemble. (what are you doing to help your colleagues give their best?) • Students will be able to apply these skills and behaviors to the rehearsal and public performance of literature for symphonic band and wind ensemble. (bring a polished, refined, mature interpretation to public performance)