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Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

Jan Vogler stated that “Art is...what makes us human.” In the age of electronic music, we have augmented humanity beyond our own natural abilities. From Spotify algorithms to synthesizers to AI-generated scores, our relationship to art has become reliant on machines. What does this mean for how we define ourselves as human and how we value art in the 21st Century? Using tools from DePauw's Electronic Experimentation Lab, “Cyborg Symphonies” explores the relationship we have with expressive creation and android artists.

Student Outcomes

Through this course, students will become familiar with various resources on campus to support their learning throughout their time at DePauw and beyond. Students will gain familiarity with various digital audio workstations as well as a foundational awareness of work being done in the field of music and artificial intelligence. Students will be able to develop and defend persuasive arguments as well as navigate and respect viewpoints that differ from their own. Employing common academic vocabulary, students will be able to compose and edit their own work comfortably. Hopefully, through this course, students will find a curiosity in elements of creativity, intellectual property, originality, and our responsibilities to our community as artists of whichever field in which we specialize.