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Fall 2023

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This course will develop student skills in each of the following areas: ➔ Collaborative Musicianship ◆ How to adjust to and work with other musicians ◆ How to establish clear boundaries ◆ How to keep track of shared tasks and progress ➔ Musical Self-awareness ◆ Identify strengths and areas for improvement ◆ Identify the role you play int he music around you ◆ What can you bring to the musical table? ➔ Deep Listening ◆ Timbre: instrumentation, color ◆ Pitch: harmony, melody, intonation ◆ Rhythm: meter, pocket ◆ Form: motifs, patterns ➔ Performance ◆ Communicating musical ideas to an audience ◆ Stage presence ◆ Multi-modal performance ◆ Lead sheet realization