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Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

An introduction to the art and craft of writing for newspapers, including story structure, research techniques, interviewing, note taking, ethics, libel and AP Style. Students will hone their writing and reporting skills by covering campus events, writing stories on deadline and following national and local media coverage.

Student Outcomes

In this class students will:

  1. Learn journalistic writing structure,
  2. Gain knowledge and skills on writing in the Inverted Pyramid story structure as well as other story structures,
  3. Learn to write in Associated Press style and to use the Associated Press Stylebook,
  4. Survey news and information from a variety of sources globally, nationally, regionally and locally,
  5. Read and discuss topics from various perspectives and points of views,
  6. Learn researching and interviewing techniques to develop story ideas and written storytelling,
  7. Exercise the standards of accuracy, objectivity, fairness, balance and ethical decision making,
  8. Submit and publish work in print, electronic and digital formats,
  9. Develop a digital portfolio to showcase their work.