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Fall 2023

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School of Music Convocation serves as a weekly meeting where students can hone their performance skills in front of a supportive audience and allows students to learn from the performances of their peers and guest artists. Additionally, this time is a chance for the School of Music to come together as a community. The concert attendance requirement helps instill an awareness of the value and importance musicians place on being active listeners and attentive audience members. To take part as a member of the audience in the live performances of one’s peers and mentors is a crucial step in becoming an educated musician. As such, students are encouraged to attend a variety of musical events. All music majors must enroll in MUS 001 (Concert Attendance, 0 credit) each semester in residence. Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music must register for MUS 001 each semester in residence after the music major has been declared. Students declaring the minor in music must register for four semesters of concert attendance. College of Liberal Arts musicians declaring a jazz minor must register for two semesters of concert attendance.