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Fall 2023

Course Description

This class asks you learn about a place and its people (and that includes you) through the act of reading and writing – specifically, creative nonfiction writing. Creative nonfiction, like fiction or poetry, is a type of creative writing. As such, it uses the tools of the creative writer: figurative language (similes, metaphors), dialogue, flashbacks, scenes, frames – in short, tools that increase the dramatic effect of a piece of writing. Various types of creative nonfiction exist: personal essays, articles, travel accounts, profiles, memoirs and narrative histories.

The second component of this course involves the subject area we will explore in our creative nonfiction writing: Greencastle, the place, and its surrounding areas. While you will be able to investigate your own past and places in personal narratives, most of the writing you do in this class will in some way involve the local community. My hope is that this practice gives you both practical experience with creative nonfiction writing and a better sense of where you will live for the next four years.

Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes
Students will be able to:

  1. Identify and interpret various literary techniques utilized in creative nonfiction writing
  2. Analyze and describe the effectiveness of various literary techniques
  3. Apply literary techniques to boost effectiveness of one’s own written creative and research-based art
  4. Utilize MLA style to identify sources

Course Objectives
Identify and interpret various literary techniques utilized in creative writing
Critically evaluate the work of other writers
Demonstrate understanding of the value of various literary techniques
Utilize documentation in research papers