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Fall 2023

Course Description

What would it be like to live in a well-rested world? Does our worth reside in how much we produce? In Rest is Resistance, author Tricia Hersey suggests that we don’t have to be burned out or disconnected from ourselves or those around us – instead she invites us to consider how rest can be a form of justice. She approaches the notion of collective rest as a form of performance art, incorporating elements of Black liberation theology, Afrofuturism and poetry into her messaging. She asks us to consider the relationship between rest and privilege as well as legacies of exhaustion rooted in capitalism and white supremacy. Rest is a radical act, and Hersey’s work invites us to break free from “grind culture” by using rest as the starting point towards healing and justice.

Student Outcomes

In this Prindle Reading class, students will be able to: ● Engage with cultural differences by developing an awareness of how people with different cultural backgrounds make meaning of the world differently. ● Identify and analyze structures and institutions that create and sustain inequality and marginalization now and in the past. ● Apply the concept of rest as resistance in the completion of the final course project.