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Fall 2023

Course Description

The goal of this course is you to be able to understand social research by having done social research. After taking this course, you will have hands on experience with different methods of social research. I will divide the emphasis between qualitative and quantitative techniques. After taking this course, it is my hope that you will not only be able to question the taken-for-granted explanations of social action but to answer systematically those questions through developing research questions and hypotheses, theorizing on the topic based on a review of the relevant literature, data collection (for qualitative components), data analysis, and drawing conclusions. After taking this course, you will be prepared for your senior seminar project: the culmination of your sociology career at DePauw!

Student Outcomes

1) Understand the ethical and political implications of doing sociological research via reviewing the history and development of the discipline 2) Understand how our own identities affect our research 3) Skills to collect, critically read, and write about relevant literature 4) Use theory to shape and understand your research 5) Practice qualitative and quantitative methods including advantages and disadvantages of both methodologies 6) Demonstrate competency with varied forms of data analysis including written analyses and oral presentations 7) Use secondary data to conduct numerical analyses using SPSS