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Fall 2023

Course Description

• Prepare two teams to compete at the Central States Regional Competition on November 18, 2023, at Marian University in Indianapolis • Qualify for the national competition in Cincinnati, OH, in February, 2024 • Develop and enhance your skills in ethical analysis and argument • Improve and refine your speaking skills • Learn in depth about some ethical problems and dilemmas, through careful thinking, research, and the exchange of ideas • Develop an acquaintance with major ethical theories and principles • Enjoy lively and stimulating discussions with other engaged students and faculty

Student Outcomes

1. Students will learn to identify and analyze the significant moral elements of a given situation, practice, or policy issue. 2. Students will learn how to construct cogent arguments for their chosen moral stances and how to identify possible weaknesses in their arguments. 3. Students will learn how to make a brief but clear and compelling presentation of their views as well as to respond spontaneously to questions and objections posed by other teams and judges.