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Spring 2023

Course Description

This course invites you to engage in anthropological research and contribute to the production of new knowledge about the world. The course’s primary purpose is to assist you in the production of a 25- to 35-page thesis on a research question of your choice. Theses will present original student research grounded in anthropological theory and methods.

Student Outcomes

Unlike most other courses that you have taken at DePauw, the work of senior seminar is directed toward a mostly singular goal: the production of a thesis based on your independent research.

All assignments in the course address my six learning objectives.

In this course, you will . . .

identify a demanding research question and design a study that can answer it understand and explain how your study articulates with and contributes to the broader scholarly literature

collect sufficient and appropriate data to answer your research question analyze the data you collect to identify relevant patterns and trends apply a specific theoretical framework to the analysis and interpretation of your data

develop your data and analysis into a story that communicates meaning