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Publication Date

Spring 2024

Course Description

Teaching Latin American and Caribbean cultures is always a daunting task. Where do we begin, which path to take and where to end? Rather than try to cover material as if people live within the fixed boundaries or containers of culture, the objective for this course is to understand common themes and variations in processes occurring across the interconnected Americas. Some of these themes include: The active role of indigenous peoples, the legacy of colonialism, as well as the processes of racialized and gendered identities. Using an anthropological framework, we will ground our discussions in ethnographic portraits of the communities and cultures in the Americas. In addition to the Latin American and Caribbean course content, we will also focus on the craft of writing - working to expand our creativity and self-confidence as writers.

Student Outcomes

In this class, students will be able to:

  • Integrate different disciplinary & theoretical lenses to understand contemporary and historical information about Latin America & Caribbean
  • Understand everyday life of Caribbean & Latin American people, their experiences as shaped by global processes such as transnational migration and neoliberalism
  • Apply course material to personal experiences, news, other courses with awareness of impacts of positionality and relations of power