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Publication Date

Spring 2024

Course Description

A Photobook--"First, it should contain great work. Secondly it should make that work function as a concise world within the book itself. Thirdly, it should have a design that complements what is being dealt with. And finally, it should deal with content that sustains an ongoing interest." Gossage In this class, students will explore the photographic book as an art form. But the course is also a survey of the field of photobooks. We will explore photobooks throughout the history of photography- as we ask, “What exactly is a photobook?” We will also make our own books inspired by other projects and historical processes. We will examine how book structures, and ultimately the process of sequencing, can alter the meaning of a photograph or grouping of photographs. Course Description and Objectives: Students will create four books during the semester using their own creative photography. Conceptual ideas exploring juxtaposition and the idea of elliptical or experimental narrative structures, will guide our explorations. Finally, Students will be challenged to consider scale, multiples and sequencing. Students will be introduced to a multitude of technical possibilities and will need to discern what techniques best support their ideas. We will consider many formal strategies for book construction. Books will employ technical work with: Xerox machines, traditional hand-binding, transfer techniques, Cyanotype, digital online publishing, and altering found books. Good craft-work will be essential to developing book structures that are readable and open well.

Student Outcomes

Students will be able to…

  • Examine Photo Sequencing and Image Impact
  • Create Creative Fine Art Photo Based Books
  • Learn Digital Photo Book Applications like Blurb and Light room