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Publication Date

Spring 2024

Course Description

This studio course will focus on the development of storytelling strategies for creative solutions in the field of Design. Through an exploration of time-based techniques, digital fabrication and/or expanded capture techniques, we will cultivate different ways to relate with our surrounding world by exploring narrative perspectives for our creative work. Through guided prompts and independent-led projects, students will experiment with narrative possibilites to understand design as a field that inspire action, stimulate curi- osities, and offer new perspectives to engage with different audiences. In this class, we will understand Design not only as a discipline that solve problems in a rational manner but also that transform meaning and shape viewership through play and emotion. In this course we will use Adobe Suite (Adobe) and will delve into the basics of digital fabrication, mockup creation, and other technologies that students may explore for their personal projects

Student Outcomes

On completion of this course, students will be able to acquire an understanding of and significant practice in the following areas:

  • Understanding the potential of storytelling strategies applied to Design processes.
  • Cultivate problem solving skills, critical inquiry, decision making, visual/digital literacy, and creative thinking.
  • Acquiring storytelling tools for their implementation in design research.
  • Foster independent-led research habits and consistent studio inquiry for Art & Design projects and embracing experimentation and risk as part of the making process.
  • Workflow skills in editing software -Adobe Suite- and basic knowledge of digital fabrication and/or expanded capture techniques.