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Fall 2023

Course Description

Confused by reports of cures, treatments, preventions and the latest dietary recommendations? Wondering what someone means when they say they’ve found a new species, or that a chemical may have estrogenic effects on an animal? Or, have a family member in such a state? This course is one in communication, with biology as the subject. Students taking this course will spend most of their time listening to and reading about biological discoveries and translating the reports into forms that a non-scientist can understand and appreciate. The course will primarily use a speaking and listening format- students will be talking about science and explaining it to their peers. Students will learn to cut through the scientific jargon to make biology (and, by extension other science) more accessible to the public in general.

Student Outcomes

Learning Goals (per the University)

Love learning and exude a commitment to continued learning throughout their lives.
Frankly, I think this should always be a goal. I won't be assessing it, though, except in that your explanations must be very engaging.

Appreciate varied disciplinary and interdisciplinary methods for acquiring knowledge and demonstrate the ability to synthesize knowledge from multiple disciplines. Specifically in this case- to synthesize knowledge and present in a cross-disciplinary fashion

Demonstrate competency with varied forms of data analysis including organizing, interpreting, and drawing conclusions from quantitative and qualitative information. I want your explanations to be fact-based and quantitative, so this will be important!

Clearly express their ideas and the ideas of others to varied audiences, both in writing and orally. This is the whole point!!!