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Fall 2023

Course Description

Your work for the course will include reading screenplays and screening films that exemplify the concepts we’re examining in class; responding to your classmates’ work, both verbally and in writing; engaging with in-class writing exercises and discussion of readings, clips and films; preparing and delivering an informal presentation; and completing screenwriting assignments which will include short exploratory assignments, a screenplay for a short film, a revised first act+ of a feature- length original screenplay (about 35 pages) as well as a revised outline of all three acts.

Student Outcomes

Through these assignments and activities, you will learn: the fundamentals of the art of screenwriting, including methods to create story, character, and structure/plot, which can be applied to numerous other storytelling genres and modalities; the importance of research in a creative genre; complex story outlining; the necessity of revision and its particular relevance to screenwriting; the particulars of the screenplay format; ways to diplomatically and effectively communicate your critique of peer writing that contributes to an workshop environment that is equitable and supportive to all its members; an introduction to the business of screenwriting, including ways to summarize and pitch your work to producers and/or directors in several forms; to embolden yourself to write stories that enliven, challenge, and create deep feeling in your audience.