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Fall 2023

Course Description

Voice lessons are one-on-one private lessons during which students will receive individualized vocal training. We will delve into vocal technique, explore a wide range of repertoire, varying in styles, languages, and time periods, as well as learn different methods of score memorization. Students will dig into interpretation of songs and arias, and receive the tools needed to be successful at learning how to sing healthily. We will also address the importance of taking care of one’s emotional, mental, physical, and vocal well-being, and have check-ins to help figure out ways to maintain balance as artists and individuals. Other topics covered in lessons include, but are not limited to: 1. Posture and alignment 2. Diction 3. Breathing techniques 4. Musical style 5. Contextual Research 6. Collaborative music making 7. Performance preparation 8. Recital programming 9. Performance aesthetics

Student Outcomes

1. To learn and sing from memory the pieces that have been assigned, and that are to be presented at juries. 2. To perform with artistry, intellect, good diction, and healthy technique. 3. To work towards, and achieve goals set at the beginning of the semester.