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Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

The course aims at enhancing your ability to read, understand and respond to literature in different forms and genres. The course also attempts to explore a wide range of universal themes in literary texts from different regions and cultures, encouraging you to navigate cultural and stylistic differences for the purpose of constructing a better understanding of your own identity as a citizen of the world.

The course is designed to help you appreciate the experience of reading literature and comprehend its globally encompassing nature. The texts that you are required to read throughout the course are engaging and open to a wide range of interpretations, which gives chance to individual and collaborative participation.

Student Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize the distinctive stylistic and narrative techniques of different literary genres
  2. Employ critical thinking and knowledge of literary techniques in analyzing texts
  3. Develop capacities for clear, thorough, and independent thought that demonstrates the ability to analyze and present arguments on the basis of critical appreciation of literary texts
  4. Attain a deep understanding of the universal human nature and its cultural and artistic manifestations
  5. Understand and appreciate cultures and groups different than your own and regularly reflect on domestic and global issues of power, privilege and diversity
  6. Collaborate with your colleagues to produce new ways to value and interact with literary texts from around the world.