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Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

Welcome to Festival Choir! This community choir at DePauw is open to both students as well as community members (e.g. staff/faculty/residents of Greencastle and Putnam County/etc.) and therefore designed to bring together a diverse group of people through shared musical experiences. No audition or music reading skills are needed to join, the desire to sing together in a group is enough. Given the wide variety of skills in this class, the literature sometimes may or may not feel challenging to you, I ask you to approach it with an open mind knowing that I do not expect perfection. Instead, I invite you to join this group with whatever voice and experience you bring to the table!

Student Outcomes

By taking this class, students will be able to... • Sing with a heightened sense of musicality and musical phrase; • Train their ear to a gain an advanced sense of pitch; • Analyze the expressive connection between text and music; • Understand how choral compositions are a reflection of the historic and cultural context they were written in; • Understand how to use the vocal instrument to create a healthy, balanced, and blended choral sound;