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Fall 10-6-2023


The Trasimeno Regional Archaeological Project (TRAP) is a long-term regional archaeological project focused on the exploration of the Castiglione del Lago territory on the West Side of Lago Trasimeno. The 2023 season involved the excavation of a new site, dubbed the Belvedere site, situated within the town of Castiglione del Lago, Italy, an area of interest due to a visible Roman structure protruding from the earth. With the unique opportunity of working with this new site and the innovations in archaeology that have developed in recent years, this summer’s research focused on the production of digital 3D and 360º content for the Trasimeno Regional Archaeological Site and digital museum, as a means of preserving important information, documenting archaeological context, and creating accessible and interactive content about the excavation.


Funding provided by the J. William Asher and Anne F. Harris Endowed Fund in the Humanities, Douglas and Mary Hallward-Driemeier Fund



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