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Fall 10-6-2023


Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Virginia creeper, is found in two parts of the DePauw Nature Park quarry: vertically along the quarry wall and on large rock piles on the quarry floor. I looked into how these different habitats influenced the growth form, stress responses, and fitness of the P. quinquefolia growing in them. P. quinquefolia on the wall has higher chlorophyll a content and higher water content. There was also a higher percentage of flowering individuals on the quarry wall than on the floor. Lastly, the two habitats had vastly different morphological growth forms, with those on the wall having very long internodes compared to those on the floor. The data shows that P. quinquefolia on the quarry floor was more water and light stressed and had lower fitness; this suggests the quarry wall is a more suitable habitat for P. quinquefolia than the floor.


Funding provided by the J. William Asher and Melanie J. Norton Endowed Fund in the Sciences, Science Research Fellows Program

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