Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Youth Tree Team 2023

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Fall 10-6-2023


Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is a non-profit focused on connecting people to the environment and people to people. During my time at KIB, I worked on their youth tree team as a leader. Myself, along with 9 other college students worked in pairs with a group of roughly 10 high schoolers per group. In our days together, we would water, mulch, and care for trees throughout Indianapolis. While working together, the youth created bonds amongst each other and found deeper connection to the nature around them. As a leader, I loved being able to see their relationships with each other blossom. I also created close friendships with the nine other college students and thought that it was amazing how simply taking care of trees and being outside can bring people together who may have otherwise never met. Overall, this position was able to tie my two biggest passions, people and nature, together.


Funding provided by the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful