Livening Beyond Homeless Inc. Outdoor Space

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Fall 10-6-2023


I served at Beyond Homeless Inc. womens' and childrens' shelter as my volunteer placement for the Bonner scholarship, and found a canvas for environmental impact for my practicum. While Beyond Homeless is far more than an assignment to me, this project is an effort to uncover the many underlying environmental challenges Putnam County faces as well as the community outside of DePauw University. While serving the homeless shelter, I attended our private University just two blocks away and straddled two vastly different worlds weekly. I found myself facing the complications between different socioeconomic statuses, privileges, experiences and aspirations. Beyond Homeless supplemented my DePauw education with real life -- outside of my classroom, away from my greek house, and off campus. I learned and lived pieces of these womens' life and found a place I could work to improve the community: by building garden beds to produce fresh produce without needing transportation, money or time. This project includes the construction of two garden beds as well as a complimentary mural on the side of the shed that stands in the shelter's green space. By giving these women and their children a little more accessibility, the project aims to address food desserts, the price of nutrition and the populations that are most affected surrounding the Greencastle community.


Funding provided by the Bonner Scholar Foundation