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Summer 2021


Hemp Dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum) is a weedy perennial native to North America that can reproduce by seed or clonally. Shoots can emerge from vertically oriented crown roots or horizontally orientated lateral roots. This plant can be found readily throughout the nature park in small to large patches. We sampled from 6 populations, 3 within the quarry bottom and 3 outside of the quarry bottom. We looked at latex production to determine if it was influenced more by herbivory or water availability. In our analysis we discovered that water availability played a role in the amount of latex produced and that herbivory was deterred by latex production in nonquarry populations.


Funding: Douglas A. and Phyllis G. Smith Endowed Fund for Student-Faculty Research and the Kranbuehl, Roberts, Hillger Endowed Fund for Faculty Summer Research