Small Farms Throughout Southwest Indiana

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Fall 2021


My experience at the DePauw University Ullem Center & Campus Farm took place during Summer 2021 with a majority of my internship taking place from June to August. Prior to my internship, I had worked at the Ullem Campus Farm as a volunteer and intern to the Farm Manager. During this time, I winterized the farm, completed the last of the fall harvest, and began preparing for spring planting. These experiences throughout the winter and spring influenced my decision to accept the summer internship at the Campus Farm!

The summer internship was offered through DePauw's Sustainability Leadership Program (SLP). Developing multi-faceted leaders, SLP works to establish and promote sustainability on DePauw's campus. The club is comprised of smaller working groups and each focuses on different interests in sustainability. My area of focus has been in the Campus Farm working group so I was extremely excited to dive into farm work. Through SLP, the focus had always been "bigger picture" farm projects, but my internship dove into the everyday work on the Campus Farm.


I would like to thank DePauw University, the Environmental Fellows Program, and the Sustainability Leadership Program for the opportunities granted to me through my internship. I would like to thank Claire Dorner for her leadership and the photos used in this StoryMap. I would like to thank Seth Brawner for his leadership, guidance, and advice as my boss during my internship. I would like to thank Soleil Decher-Morley, Sophie Jones, and Reanna Stiehler for their friendship throughout the summer.