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Fall 2021


Droplet skirting occurs when a fluid droplet rolls over a bath of the same fluid without merging. To achieve skirting, we introduced a ~0.6 mm-diameter droplet of 1 cSt silicone oil into a bath of the same fluid by bouncing it off an angled glass slide coated with 100,000 cSt silicone oil. Our work suggests that initial skirting velocity increases as a function of slide angle and, to a lesser degree, droplet generator height. Furthermore, we conclude that the droplet lifetimes (initiation of skirting until rupture) and corresponding �� values (rate of decay of motion) appear consistent with theoretical predictions for such droplets based on previous research (which did not address >0.75 mm-diameter droplets.


We thank the Science Research Fellows Program, as well the J. William Asher and Melanie J. Norton Endowed Fund in the Sciences, for funding this research. We also thank DePauw’s Department of Physics and Astronomy for help and resources completing this research.

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