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Fall 2021


In this project, we are doing the Diversity Oriented Synthesis of Furan Epoxide. There are two main reactions we are trying to accomplish with the epoxide which are the Achmatowicz reaction with the furan ring, and the epoxide ring opening reaction with amine. During this summer, we are able to make the amino alcohol and the Achmatowicz product has been made from the previous semester. We were also trying to get Achmatowicz reaction happening with the amino alcohol product. However, the result doesn't show the expected structure and still needs further research. Besides organic chemistry synthesis, we also tested the bioactivity of our amino alcohol product since it was similar to another bioactive structure. We did both the Brian Shrimp Lethality Assay with our amino alcohol product.


I would like to thank Professor Hansen for his patience and guidance throughout this semester. Thanks to Chemistry and Biochemistry Department of DePauw University for supplying us with the necessary tools and materials in order to carry out our project.

Funding: J. William Asher and Melanie J. Norton Endowed Fund in the Sciences

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