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Fall 2021


Diversity oriented synthesis is a drug discovery approach that allows the creation of a wide variety of new compounds that can each have exciting new characteristics. Previous research involving the opening of epoxide rings with amine groups has shown promising results with regards to bioactivity. Our research involved finding a simple procedure to open the epoxide ring using various thiol groups such as octanethiol, hexanethiol, and benzenethiol. We are hoping to develop a library of new sulfur containing compounds that show promising characteristics, such as pharmacological activity. In our project, we synthesized multiple new sulfur containing compounds and verified their structures using 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy. In the future we are hoping to develop easier and more efficient methods to open epoxide rings and use more complex thiols that show interesting activity.


I would like to thank Jeff Hansen for his support and guidance. I would also like to thank the Howard & Lucile Burkett Endowed Research Fund.

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