Date of Award

Spring 2021

Document Type


First Advisor

Leigh-Anne Goins

Second Advisor

Karin Wimbley

Third Advisor

Joseph Harris


This thesis seeks to analyze the racial climate of the classroom, using my personal experiences at my predominately white institution (PWI) as its foundation. My experiences at DePauw University, both academically and socially, has played a key role in how I have navigated campus. These experiences are further analyzed using a Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Feminist lens. By analyzing the studies and research done by these scholars, this study aims to assess how whiteness operates and is maintained within the classroom, especially in DePauw University’s Power, Privilege and Diversity courses. This study also outlines the impact of classrooms that attempt to unpack power, privilege and diversity while continuing to center whiteness. Of particular interest in the potential impact that these behaviors have on Black students within the classroom and throughout their collegiate experience. (Solórzano, Ceja, and Yosso 2000, p.15).