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Sarah Cowan

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Beth Benedix

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Erwin Brea


The purpose of this project is to do further research on public art created by Black artists and to explore how their work has created change by looking through the lens of the specific mural and sculpture exhibits. I will be specifically focusing on artworks and artists from the early 1980s to the present day. In the end, this piece offers insight into the importance of public art in our diverse communities. Public art serves as a form of representation and historically Black voices have been silenced in this arena. The stakes of increasing the amount of public art that showcases Black people and communities is crucial in a day of age where tokenism has become celebrated. My research is meant to highlight this gap by not only showcasing Black artists that have been doing the work for years (well-known & lesser-known names) but also putting them into conversation with each other. Drawing these connections will provide answers and insight to questions I have contemplated throughout my public art journey from middle school to college. Get your notebooks and pens ready as this accelerated course on public art created by Black artists filled with connections and reflections will be quite the experience!