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Ted Bitner

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Kevin Moore

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Rebecca Upton


This paper addresses the perception and communication of nonverbal emotion in close relationships. It reviews research in the area as well as includes case studies that demonstrate different aspects of the research. Specifically it examines emotional recognition and perception, empathic accuracy, accuracy and bias in the perception of emotion, the influence of personality and emotional intelligence, as well as communication of emotion in close relationships. Depending on the situation all of these aspects affect communication differently and the paper explores the ways and situations in which these differences occur. Subsequently it addresses the influence of blindness, deafness, and modern day technology on the perception of emotion and ends with an application section focusing on how this research may affect our everyday lives. This part of the paper is an attempt to apply the information to situations that may affect empathic accuracy and biases in perception. Overall the paper attempts to examine what influences emotional perception and communication in different situations and apply the information to everyday experiences.


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